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A Sea Sickening Wake-Up Call – A Curatorial Statement by Norman Armour

December 29, 2014

There is one simple reason why the PuSh Festival has chosen to program Sea SickOur planet is dying.

Too few works of the performing arts focus on questions of the planet’s (and our–human’s) survival.

Alanna Mitchell is an articulate, passionate and stirring advocate. We need to listen. And the PuSh Festival needs to provide situations where such things are spoken of.



Sea Sick, Alanna Mitchell, The Theatre Centre, PuSh Festival
Photo: Chloe Ellingson

Sea Sick was produced by Toronto’s Theatre Centre and co-directed by Franco Boni (Theatre Centre) and Ravi Jain (Why Not Theatre). The Theatre Centre is hands down for me the most inspiring and progressive performing arts venue in Canada. They make theatre that matters.

This show matters.




Norman Armour
Artistic & Executive Director

Don’t miss Alanna Mitchell’s Sea Sick at the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre, February 3–4, 2015. Book tickets to Sea Sick on your PuSh Pass, Youth Passport or buy single tickets via Tickets Tonight.
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