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Assembly a la carte

February 03, 2009

The PuSh Assembly will be up and running tomorrow and for all of you who are interested in coming, but haven’t registered, or don’t want to go to all the events, workshops and sessions, fear not.
This year’s Assembly allows patrons to purchase sessions a la carte, that’s French for purchasing items independently from one another. I’m thinking of taking French lessons; I think it’s a good language to know, seeing that we are a bilingual nation.


That means that you can purchase tickets to the three amazing, spectacular keynote Manifestos happening February 4 through 6 by Rimini Protokoll (Germany), Mike Daisey (USA) and Theatre Replacement’s Maiko Bae Yamamoto and James Long (Vancouver).

Tickets for each manifesto address are $20 and are available online at the PuSh website or at the Assembly Info Centre located at Performance Works.

Other sessions that are available “a la carte”:

Import This! (Feb 6)
Learn from national and international presenters the ins and outs to presenting and touring in their countries and territories.

Export This!
(Feb 5)
Find out about touring in different markets.

Situation Room
(Feb 7)
Town Hall style format for delegates to present new ideas, initiatives or projects