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This week at Club PuSh

February 02, 2009

Club PuSh this week is unmissable.

Tuesday night at 9pm we have the Amazing and Impermeable Cromoli Brothers present: HELLO VANCOUVER! by Lucas Meyers. It is a vaudeville act for these, our modern times.

Then at 11pm Gunshae perform live ambience. This duo is composed of dubstep pioneer James “Kuma” Graham and DJ Eve Mori, renowned oboist and DJ.

On Wednesday at 9pm, the fantastic Mike Daisey is on hand to perform his monologue Monopoly! Tesla, Edison, Microsoft, Wal-Mart and the War for Tomorrow.

You must check him out.

Following Mike Daisey will be Vancouver’s own DJ Buffalo Tim playing his Conspiracy playlist at 11pm.

Thursday sees the return of 20 Minute Musicals at 9pm, this time featuring Argentina’s Juana Molina performing an untitled piece, and Vancouver’s Nick Krgovich with In the Yard, Having Fun, a prison musical.

Portland’s the Parenthetical Girls take the stage at 11pm to close out the night.

Friday’s Club PuSh begins at 7pm with Molina and Krgovich’s 20 Minute Musicals, followed at 9pm by Winnipeg-based media artist Daniel Barrow with his work Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry. Barrow creates and adapts comic book narratives to a manual form of animation by projecting, layering and manipulating drawings on mylar transparencies for a “graphic performance” unlike anything you’re likely to see.

I can’t stress this enough: Don’t miss Daniel Barrow. He is great.

At 11pm, Victoria’s Hank Pine and Lily Fawn take the stage to rock out and entertain.

Saturday is the final night to come down to Club PuSh, and it’s going to be especially cool.

2b Theatre starts us off at 7pm with their production of Invisible Atom, a wild journey of the imagination covering topics from economics to classical physics.

Woodpigeon, a musical collective out of Calgary performs at 9pm. They are impressive and cool, head-boppy and chill.

The night, and the Club’s, final performance at 11pm on Saturday, February 7th, goes to the Pascale Picard Band out of Quebec City. Picard sings in English, and the band plays a mix of rootsy rock that’s hard to pin down. They played with Sir Paul McCartney at the 400th birthday celebrations of Quebec City.

And remember, tickets are $20, and after 11pm, it’s FREE!!!