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PuShy Questions with Veda Hille from Little Volcano

January 17, 2020

Veda Hille is the composer, writer and performer of Little Volcano, showing at the ANNEX from January 21-23. Click here for tickets and more show information.

Photo: Stephen Drover

1) What motivates your work as an artist?

Hmmm, this seems like the most complicated question on this list. I’ve left it for last, actually. Here goes: the main thing, the starting thing, is when I begin to have the feeling that there’s something I want, and something I can hear. And I want to do that thing, to make the sounds in the air. Then if it goes well I start to want to make those sounds for other people. So that’s kind of the visceral literal motivation. Philosophically speaking I am motivated by wanting togetherness and communion, and by wanting to continue to build this ridiculous house of music that I’ve been making since the last century. And of course also by the fact that this is how I make my living. There you have it, from the romantic to the absolutely practical.

2) What does being part of PuSh 2020 represent for you?

PuSh is home for me! And Music On Main has been a key friend to my Little Volcano explorations. Having the premiere with both these gangs is all I ever wanted for this show.

3) Is there anything you want audiences to keep in mind while experiencing your show?

Oh heavens no. The only job the audience has is to bring themselves and see what happens, inside and between us.

4) How might we see PuSh 2020 themes of subversion or vulnerability reflected in the work?

This show is the most vulnerable work I’ve made. I’m working well outside my established habits, and bringing some pretty intimate thoughts and practices to the stage.

Photo: Matt Reznek

5) What other PuSh show would you most like to see?

Honestly I’d love to see all of them, I know that’s a suck ass answer but it’s true. I love being surprised by things I’ve never heard of. The shows I’m hoping to actually see are Footnote Number 12 (an elderly James Long!), BERLIN: The Last Cabaret (a favourite era), A User’s Guide To Authenticity Is A Feeling (connection and long sentences), and Cuckoo (TALKING RICE COOKERS). And then a few more, whatever I can squeeze in.

6) What qualities do you most admire in other artists?

Oh, I love risk, and smarts, and absurd beauty.

7) Any advice for emerging artists?

Go in as deep as you can while you can still afford to live on very little. Listen to the work, serve the work, hone your ear and your voice. Don’t think about the audience until you’re with them, and then love them to death.

8) What do you do when you’re not working or making art?

I’m cooking, I’m walking, I’m watching movies, I’m playing cards with my family. 

9) What about Vancouver most entices you?

The people! I’ve been here forever, the bonds are ancient. And the weather, for reals.

10) What is your biggest art-making wish or fantasy (if money were no object)?

You know, I’m doing the work that I want to do. If I had more money it would just get a little bigger: more people on stage, more theatre magic, fancy shoes for everyone.

Click here for Little Volcano tickets and more show information.

Veda Hille is a Vancouver composer and songwriter. She has released 21 albums of her fiercely independent work. As well as writing her own distinctive indie art rock songs she composes for theatre, dance, film and other special occasions. Current projects include a new musical with Amiel Gladstone (Onegin, Craigslist Cantata), the ongoing East Van Panto, and Veda’s fresh collaboration with Theatre Replacement: Little Volcano. Catch up on recordings and various gossip at www.vedahille.com.