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Rebuilding starts with people

May 13, 2021

PuSh is recruiting programming team members to join us as we embark on a new and exciting transformational process

The PuSh International Performing Arts Festival is devoted to its mission to enrich audiences with adventurous contemporary works, and towards this, we are seeking individuals/collectives to join us on this new phase of the organization’s journey as part of a Transitional Team. The next two years will be a time of transition and change as we collectively imagine what a festival committed to principles of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion may look like. We are embracing commitment to values of care and integrity, and are looking to evolve our practices and structures to align with these.

We are recruiting two positions—a Transitional Programming Team, and a production focused Interim Producer who will help to deliver the 2022 program. Envisioned as initial fixed length contracts with the possibility of extension, these positions will help simultaneously implement 2022 programs and activities, while also contributing to program visioning for the future. As part of the PuSh Staff, the Transitional Programming Team will work in a consultative and collaborative manner with the PuSh Board.

While working with existing commitments to artists and organizations for 2022, and staying committed to our partners, we will also be completing our Organizational Review in 2021/22. Through this review, all internal systems including governance structures, staff, and programming will be examined. Towards developing a more permanent operational structure, a Transitional Programming Team is the most able to remain adaptive and respond to on-going changes.

We are also honoured to welcome Dr. Margo Kane as a member of the Transitional Programming Team, who will support and guide this work. Dr. Kane brings crucial experience to PuSh, and her guidance will be invaluable as we continue our transition towards decolonized ways of working. 

With these additions to the existing PuSh Staff, we envision a team that works together towards developing a strong and visionary platform for a festival embedded in community values and showcasing extraordinary performance work.

We strongly encourage applications from members of communities that are marginalized or that experience structural discrimination including those identifying as Indigenous, Black, people of colour, members of non-dominant ethnic, religious, linguistic, and/or cultural groups, women, (im)migrants/newcomers, people with (dis)abilities, and LGBTQ2S+ people, and we strongly encourage applicants to self-identify in their application if they feel comfortable in doing so. In order to achieve a representative team, preference may be given to applicants self-declaring as being a member of one or more of the groups identified above. We believe that a staff that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve strengthens our ability to achieve our mission.

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