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Reflections and Learnings Summary Report: Little moments that slipped away

November 10, 2020

As part of our commitment to keeping you informed about the Organizational Review activities underway at PuSh, we are sharing a few updates as we near the completion of the first phase of work. This first phase included a review of systems, structures, and processes that contributed to the impetus for this review. This review, undertaken by lead consultant Nicki Kahnamoui with additional support from Camille Dumond, involved interviews with current and former staff and board members, as well as feedback sessions with the Advisory Group, staff, and board. You can find the resulting report here which includes the findings as well as recommendations that will inform the next phase of the process.

Over the next months, the roles, responsibilities, and structure of the staff and board will be reviewed and reimagined. In order to allow this restructuring work to be conducted effectively and holistically, the PuSh board of directors, in consultation with staff and the Advisory Group, has elected to delay the 2020 AGM to March 7, 2021. The design of a recruiting process is currently underway to identify new directors for the board, and some current directors will be stepping down on November 30 to make space for new voices. A request for expressions of interest to serve as directors will be distributed to Society members and the greater community in early December.

Finally, there will be opportunities for members, supporters, artists, and community members to participate in a community feedback session as part of a PuSh Rally event in December. Please follow our social media channels to stay up to date with any further announcements. You are also welcome to provide feedback at any point by emailing: advisory@pushfestival.ca