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Curatorial Statements

One of the really good ones: Inside/Out—A curatorial statement by Norman Armour

January 16, 2018

Inside-Out Patrick Keating

Patrick Keating is a journeyman. In all senses of the term. As a theatre artist, he has done his basic training. He has cut his teeth on both the somewhat easy and the somewhat more […]

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Bearing witness: I’m Not Here—A curatorial statement by Ann Connors

January 12, 2018

A bare stage, a soundtrack of manipulated sounds that signify a lifetime through voices, stories and song; those items we cling to, those things that help us to immortalize what we have lost. A chair […]

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Some Hope for the Bastards—A curatorial statement by Norman Armour

January 11, 2018

What you do next can be as important as what you do first. In 2014, the PuSh Festival presented Usually Beauty Fails by Montreal choreographer Frédérick Gravel. In 2018, we will present his latest work […]

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The profound mystery of Reassembled, Slightly Askew—A curatorial statement by Heather Redfern

January 09, 2018

Reassembled, Slightly Askew

I had a very personal reaction to Reassembled, Slightly Askew. A few months before I experienced the show, a family member experienced multiple brain seizures and I was one of the caregivers. Until this had happened […]

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An untraditional, breakout star: Antonio Sánchez (BiRDMAN: LiVE)—A curatorial statement by Fiona Black

December 08, 2017

BiRDMAN LiVE: Antonio Sanchez

Prior to Antonio Sánchez being thrust into the limelight with his mind-bending drum score to the Oscar-winning film Birdman, Sánchez was already one of the most in-demand and highly regarded percussionists in jazz. I had […]

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A night worth fighting for: dirtsong—A curatorial statement by Norman Armour

February 02, 2017

Every two years, I travel to Australia in February for the Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM). It’s a showcase for Australian work and artists. Other internationals, such as New Zealanders and Koreans and the odd […]

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Town Choir: Field notes from Iceland—A curatorial statement by Maiko Yamamoto

February 01, 2017

Hrísey Island in northern Iceland is home to around 100 people year round. To get there, you take a 15-minute ferry across a stunning fjord. As the ferry nears the island, you see a neat […]

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The simple magic of Portraits in Motion—A curatorial statement by Norman Armour

January 23, 2017

Portraits in Motion is a gem. An absolute gem. Volker Gerling takes photographs of people and things, then turns them into flipbooks. He presents his flipbooks with the aid of a video camera and a projector. […]

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