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Curatorial Statement – A Crack In Everything

November 14, 2012

zoe|juniper in A Crack In Everything | Photo Christopher Duggan

Innovative…. engaging… daring… and this is just the beginning.  Having just launched Creative Collaborations- an inspired dialogue with Crystal Pite and Robert Lepage, Simon Fraser Community Presentation Society(SFCPS) is a new entity that presents leading interdisciplinary and emerging artists to Vancouver audiences in partnership with others or solo. The SFCPS selects cutting-edge work that connects to our city’s existing cultural fire while enhancing it with the creative energy of national and international artists. And did we mention that some of these esteemed artists just happen to also be local?

Zoe & Juniper’s A Crack in Everything, our second initiative, is presented with PuSh. This is an arresting work that integrates dance, sound, and visuals in a method that is perfectly imperfect. This is a presentation that asks viewers to consider the polarization of inter-playing dynamics: cause and effect; before and after; memory and vision. Much like our society’s aim to connect extraordinary artists within new contexts, A Crack in Everything exemplifies the dynamism of the push and pull between existing and emerging artistic practices. We welcome all cultural provocateurs  – the experienced and the eager. Let A Crack in Everything inspire all of us to be risk-takers.  Next time you hear of Simon Fraser Community Presentation Society at Goldcorp Centre for Arts we will have re-branded with a more user friendly name but in the meantime, we are delighted to be involved in the launching of this year’s PuSh Festival.


Michael Boucher, Artistic Director
Simon Fraser Presentation Community Presentation Society

zoe|juniper | A Crack in Everything from OntheBoards.tv on Vimeo.