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Curatorial Statement – Cédric Andrieux

December 11, 2012

Curatorial Q and A with Dani Fecko, Associate Curator of the PuSh Festival

When did you first encounter this work?
I first saw this show at the TBA Festival in Portland in September of 2010. (The same festival that I saw A Crack in Everything at the following year).

Why did you choose to present this work?
I’ll admit it.  It’s a bit of a dirty secret.  Before I started working for PuSh I wasn’t very well versed in dance.  (There is irony, then, in the fact that this is one of the most dance heavy festivals we have ever programmed).  I appreciated it, and enjoyed it, but I hadn’t seen much of it.

Then I saw Cédric Andrieux and my appreciation immediately multiplied by about one million.  Not only is he an incredible dancer and a joy to watch, but he is also such an engaging storyteller.  I felt like I was in my living room with a new friend, who happened to break into the most amazing dance every so often.  There was no question in my mind that this show would be appreciated by the most seasoned dance vetrans and by audiences who were watching their first dance show.

Give us three reasons why we should see this show?
1) The storytelling
2) The dance
3) The lighting cue (Trust me.  You’ll see what I mean)

Tell us about the show in three sentences or less.
Cédric Andrieux is the energetic, heartwarming recounting of a dancer’s career.

What was your first reaction to this work?

What do you want audiences to get out of this show?

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