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Curatorial Statement – Fiona Black on Krar Collective

December 22, 2013

Ethiopia is considered the cradle of civilization and the most ancient place of human existence on earth. It is an African country ravaged by famine, disease and much hardship as well as being characterized by its resilience, beauty and joy.

Music is integral to all of Africa and Ethiopia is no exception. Everyone sings, plays musical instruments and dances as naturally as we breathe, walk and talk. When I hear African music, I feel the pathos and joy all at once as it goes straight to my heart as well as somewhere high above and unattainable.

The Ethiopian trio known as Krar Collective, play ancient instruments and channel their traditions through music while at the same time channeling western sensibilities in their very modern groove. Mostly, their music is utterly compelling and irresistibly danceable. What a perfect group for Club PuSh, when it is time to commune, dance and celebrate being alive, happy and together.

There is no substitute for an all-out dance party to great African rhythms. Technology cannot change it or enhance it. We invite you to get your groove on with Krar Collective and put some heat into your January.

Fiona Black,
 Director of Programming and Associate Managing Director
BlueShore Centre at Capilano University  and North Shore Jazz

Krar Collective

January 25
Club PuSh at Performance Works
1218 Cartwright Street, Granville Island

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