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Curatorial Statement – Ride The Cyclone

November 20, 2012

Ride The Cyclone by Atomic Vaudeville (Victoria, Canada)
* Why did you choose to include this show in the Arts Club season?

Ride the Cyclone played the Revue Stage last season and we felt it would be a great show to put in the Granville Island stage so more could enjoy this ‘wild ride.’

* Why does the Arts Club partner with PuSh?   
PuSh is a major arts festival in our city and we like to partner with the Fesitval in bringing ‘alternate’ work to our audiences. 

* What’s been the best/ most exciting/ most rewarding part of your involvement with the PuSh Festival?     

Always rewarding to work with Norman and the other creative forces at PuSh.

* What was your first reaction to Ride The Cyclone?     

I was overwhelmed by the wild energy and the incredible force of the piece. 

* What does crossing the line mean to you?     

Depends on which line you are talking about.  In some ways just doing live theatre crosses the line if the line is the front of the stage and the actors reach across it to embrace the audience and vice versa.

– Bill Millerd, Artistic Managing Director, The Arts Club Theatre

Presented by the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival and the Arts Club Theatre Company