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Curatorial Statement – Winners and Losers

January 08, 2013

By Associate Curator Dani Fecko

Created in Vancouver’s Russian Hall – win
Friends – win
Games – win
Tables – win
Sitting – win
Conversations – win
Questions – win
Answers – win
Opinions – win. Maybe lose
Different opinions – double win
Breaking down conventions – win
Breaking down relationships – win
Rebuilding relationships – win
Two of Vancouver’s top theatre makers – win
Some of vancouver’s best designers – win
James Long – win
Marcus Youssef – win
Chris Abraham – win
Neworld Theatre – win
Theatre Replacement – win
PuSh Festival – win
Studio D at SFU – win
Booking tickets – win
Missing this show – lose

With so many wins, the curatorial choice seemed obvious.

Brought to you not only by two of the most exciting theatre companies in Vancouver, but also by Toronto’s Crow Theatre, Winners and Losers is an evening with two good friends. Two good friends who trust each other enough to question everything the other one stands for. And everything they themselves stand for.

The odds are in your favour. Don’t be on the losing side. Go and see this show.