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Donor spotlight: Susan and Bruce Stout

November 27, 2017

Our donors transform the performing arts in our city through their generosity. Leading up to #GivingTuesday on November 28, we are sharing a few of their stories!

We spoke with Susan and Bruce Stout—they started with a $50 gift in 2008 and have grown to be some of PuSh’s most engaged donors. You’re sure to see their friendly faces at our events!

When did you first get involved with the PuSh Festival and what inspired you to do so?

The first play we saw was Old Goriot in 2008 and that would have been because a friend, Stephen Aberle, was staring in it.

What performance works inspire you the most?

We’ve enjoyed pretty much everything we’ve seen—it’s fun to push beyond our normal comfort zone.

Why do you think it’s important to support the arts?

From our experience, we felt it important that others enjoy the experience too—we started with a $50 donation.

Any other comments that you’d like to contribute?

Besides the interesting performances, we enjoy the­ staff, the volunteers and our fellow theatre-goers.

If  Susan and Bruce’s story has inspired you, think about joining our PuSh Patrons Circle or making a gift on Giving Tuesday!