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Fluevog Donor Event

February 06, 2013

Donor Recognition Event for Supporter Level and above, January 29, 2013

The energy was palpable. Having just come out of the thought provoking and often times tense dress rehearsal of Winners and Losers, people were abuzz. As staff, donors, artists, and industry folk made their way from SFU Woodward’s through the cobbled pavement of Gastown, the staff at John Fluevog Shoes waited in anticipation to open their doors for the PuSh Festival Donor Reception.

Appetizers, drinks, and shoes abounded. Local artists rubbed shoulders with international artists and presenters. Donors were recognized. Party-goers bought shoes. The flagship store with its exposed brick interior and high glass ceilings served as a great hub to honour PuSh donors.

Norman Armour, giving an impassioned speech about the importance of local businesses working together and supporting each other, touched on something very important. He spoke about the importance of individuals and businesses banding together across all disciplines to fuel the creative Vancouver scene. He spoke about the vibrancy of the performing arts in this city and the pride that we can collectively feel as artists, staff, patrons, and donors.

It felt very fitting that the reception to honour donors, the people responsible for sustaining new opportunities and creativity, happened in historic Gastown, a place that constantly reinvents itself, at John Fluevog, a business that is known for innovation.  As people celebrated into the night, there was a distinct sense of pride in being a Vancouverite and of being part of the amazing cultural landscape.

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Want your own pair? Check out Fluevog.com or head down to the beautiful Gastown or Granville locations!