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November 21, 2017


In choreographer Daina Ashbee’s fiercely provocative feminist work, dancer Paige Culley coils and uncoils as she works her way around the stage. In her nudity, she is both vulnerable and powerful. The exertions have the […]

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Youth Assembly

November 11, 2015

2015 Youth Assembly

The Youth Assembly, now in its second year, is a free day-long performance arts conference just for arts-minded young people who hope to pursue a life or maybe a career immersed in and around the performing […]

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November 08, 2015

Jordan Tannahill, Curator-in-Residence, 2016-17 PuSh Festival

Set your alarms for a special PuSh edition of CreativeMornings, with guest speaker Jordan Tannahill. CreativeMornings is the global phenomenon where creative individuals of all stripes gather for breakfast and an inspiring presentation about creativity […]

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Critical Ideas: Critical (Un)Impressions—Theatre and Performance in Canada Today

November 07, 2015

Touring Intensive with Sherrie Johnson, 2015 PuSh Assembly

Like many audience members, Jordan Tannahill has a low threshold for boredom. The Toronto playwright, director, filmmaker and Club PuSh Curator-in-Residence has written a book about his yearlong quest for vital, risk-taking performance. Critically opinionated […]

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November 04, 2015

Declarations, Jordan Tannahill, 2016 PuSh Festival

Created by Club PuSh Curator-in-Residence Jordan Tannahill, in collaboration with 15 Vancouver residents, this is a performance for a party. The performers, dispersed through the crowd, each make declarations they hold to be true. Their […]

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