• PuSh Assembly

Youth Assembly

Showing on January 30, 2016

Playing at Roundhouse Performance Centre

2015 Youth Assembly
Photo: Sarah Race

Ideas Series

The Youth Assembly, now in its second year, is a free day-long performance arts conference just for arts-minded young people who hope to pursue a life or maybe a career immersed in and around the performing arts. There will be a focus on emerging artists and youth engagement. The Youth Assembly – a keynote speaker, panel discussion and breakout discussions – is part of an important global discourse and your chance to contribute, network and build community.

Event Program

2:00–2:30pm  Check in
2:30–2:45pm  Introduction
2:45–3:15pm  Keynote Speaker
3:15–3:45pm  Mentorship Panel
3:45–4:00pm  Small Break
4:00–4:30pm  Breakout #1
4:30–5:00pm  Lunch (provided)
5:00–5:30pm  Breakout #2
5:30–5:50pm  Group Question: Arts in the City: what does that mean to you?”
5:30–6:20pm  Regroup, Reflection
6:20–7:15pm  Optional Networking, Marketplace

Breakout Questions:

  1. Should I start my own theatre company?
  2. How to make a show: From idea to production
  3. Living the Dream: Making a living as an artist
  4. Collaboration: How to find and work with great people
  5. Inclusivity in the Arts: Bringing people to the table

FacilitatorDave Deveau, Zee Zee Theatre

KeynoteJordan Tannahill, videofag/PuSh Festival

Panel Members:

Milton Lim, Hong Kong Exhile
Tim Carlson, Theatre Conspiracy
Conor Wylie, Theatre Replacement
Corbin Murdoch, Theatre Replacement
Sophia Wolfe, Company 605
Natalie Gan, Hong Kong Exhile

Breakout Speakers:

Heidi Taylor, Playwrights Theatre Centre
Derek Chan, rice and beans theatre
Pedro Chamale, rice and beans theatre
Jordan Tannahill, videofag/PuSh Festival
Christine Quintana, Delinquent Theatre
Anika Vervecken, PuSh Festival

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Artist Bio


Roundhouse Performance Centre

181 Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver


January 30




Free pre-registration (above) is required to attend this event.