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Kris Nelson Praises Siren

January 21, 2009

Hello Everyone out there who loves contemporary art.
I have no stake in this show, but I’d really love to recommend something to you that I saw in New York that you must see.
Ray Lee is a UK sound artist whose piece SIREN is coming to the PuSh Festival in Vancouver after a run at New York’s Under the Radar Festival. https://pushfestival.ca/index.php?mpage=shows&spage=main&id=69#show
The piece is immersive, hallucinatory, simple and sublime. Some number (maybe 21?) devices on stilts with speakers create a stunning chorus of homemade analog sounds that sounds not unlike what I imagine the music of the spheres sounds like.
The pieces begin to move, the sound collides with each other in interesting and odd ways, the audience promenades around the space and the sound collides with itself and we collide with the sound. This piece moved me so much, in many surprising ways. It is beautiful beautiful beautiful.
Please go see it.Then thank Norman and Minna and all the PuSh team for bringing it to the festival.

Kris Nelson is an artist, director and producer as well as the Agent & Tour Liaison for Theatre Replacement. He lives in Montreal.