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Message from PuSh Festival Board President Max Wyman, OC

January 30, 2012

January 30, 2012

As you may have heard, Norman Armour, our executive director, collapsed at a Club PuSh performance on Saturday night and was taken to hospital. He was treated swiftly, and is now resting and recuperating.

Please ignore the rumour mill. One media outlet has reported that someone in the arts community claimed Norman had “a serious stroke.” Someone else has said that he was involved in “a major car accident.” Neither statement is true.

We are respecting Norman’s wish for privacy on the details of this matter, but I can assure you that the situation was quickly brought under control and Norman is now alert, upbeat and recovering well. All signs point to a full recovery, and he is expected to be released within a few days.

Like all of us at PuSh, Norman is touched by the extent and depth of the response from friends and colleagues, and says he “would like to thank everyone for their tremendous outpouring of support and well wishes.” He’s not receiving visitors right now, but if you’d like to send him a note or a card, please forward them to the office and the staff will make sure Norman receives them

Never a natural patient, he quipped yesterday that “Hospitals are like prisons, except the people are nicer.” And, always the natural promoter, he urged everyone: “We still have a few tickets left. Please enjoy the last week of the Festival.”


  1. UPDATE Feb 1 – Norman is doing very well, he is now out of the hospital and is resting comfortably at home!

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