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Newad and PuSh!

January 31, 2013

By Adrienne Brault, Newad Account Executive

When Newad was approached by PuSh to be a promotional sponsor of the festival is was a no brainer. Not only is there a clear alignment between who PuSh wanted at their events and who we speak to through our indoor advertising network, we have always done what we can to help support the arts in our community.

Through this partnership we were also given access to a number of amazing events that we were able to share with our staff, clients and friends. We received VIP treatment and sponsorship shout outs at various events that made us feel like PuSh was truly honoured to be partnering with Newad. From Hawksley Workman’s one-man show (which was amazing!!) to the quirky performances of UK traveling artists at last nights Northern Soul, 30 Cecil Street & A Western showcase (playing again tonight – I  recommend checking it out, lots of laughs and some great music and dancing!!) We had the pleasure of attending some top notch performances over the last two weeks.

In a market that is so committed to the arts Newad is proud to have had the opportunity to be a part of PuSh’s success and we look forward to future opportunities to continue our relationship with PuSh. Until next year, don’t stop supporting the arts! With performances, concerts and plays almost every night in this city, there is no reason to stop supporting even after the PuSh festival ends this weekend. Art on Vancouver!

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