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Our Favourite 2010/2011 Statements by Norman Armour

March 18, 2011

“I think the 125th is an opportunity to speak to ourselves, and to invite others into the conversation who are asking questions about urban identity and social progress. What defines a city and who are the individuals in it?” (Vancouver Sun, 2011.01.13 article by Peter Birnie)

Photo by Kris Krug www.staticphotography.com

“Artists have dealt with this question of identity, political and ethnic, and identity of place. To not work with that community would be to lose out on the opportunity to tap into a great reservoir of praxis, expertise and intelligence.” (Vancouver Sun, 2011.01.13 article by Peter Birnie)

“We continue to challenge audiences. People may hate the work but they respect that there is real artistry in it and that there’s integrity and rigour in it. …We use the notion of broadening horizons.” (Globe and Mail Jan-2011 article by Marsha Lederman)

“I don’t believe that you can buy an audience in Vancouver. You have to earn it.” (WE 2011.01.13 article by Steven Schelling)

“Vancouver is the finest city I’ve ever encountered in terms of an arts community that is open, generous, curious, respectful of hard work, ingenuity, and a desire to share expertise, experience, successes and failures.” (2011.01.11 Granville Online article by Jackie Wong)

“Isolation is the thing you have to fight against, and do everything that’s positive on the other side that leads you away from isolation and brings you together with people to look at common problems and common solutions.” (2011.01.11 Granville Online article by Jackie Wong)

“We have a real amazing set of entrepreneurial spirit in this town, whether it’s people in I.T., or whether it’s restaurateurs, people like Sean Heather and the people behind Nuba, and the people behind the Waldorf Hotel renovation.” (2011.01.11 Granville Online article by Jackie Wong)

“I think that the city is really being shaped by a lot of business activity that’s happening on a real grassroots level.” (2011.01.11 Granville Online article by Jackie Wong)

“Now that we’ve hosted a Winter Olympics and its accompanying Cultural Olympiad, what’s next? Now that the social arts sector—one of the undeniable engines of innovation, imagination, and creative thinking about ourselves and the world around us—is wrestling with unprecedented cuts to sources for public funding within our region, what’s next? Now that we are about to step onto the threshold of Vancouver’s 125th anniversary, what’s next?” (2010.11.04 CreativeMix Conference)