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People’s Picks

January 10, 2013

As the festival is about to begin there’s a lot of people chiming in on what shows they’re most excited about.

Here’s a quick round up of PuSh picks, in no particular order.

Colin Thomas – Vancouver based editor, award-winning playwright, and established theatre critic picks the shows he’s most interested in.

Notable – With over 1,000,000 monthly Canadian visitors, Notable.ca is the largest online publication for young professional adults (aka: YPs) in Canada.

Georgia Straight – This Vancouver weekly covered a bunch of shows and even put us on the cover! This is their guide to the festival.

The Province – The Province spoke with our executive director Norman Armour about the five productions that really resonate with him.

Union Jack – Writing the news with British flair, U.J. choose three International PuSh shows you should see.

Ubyssey – The definitive source of news on the UBC campus has their say about five shows you do not want to miss.

Inside Vancouver – This  multi-author Vancouver blog, written by Vancouverites about Vancouver choses their must see shows of the PuSh Festival.

Sara Bynoe – Our social media and gala coordinator blogged about the shows she’s most excited about. You may know her as she runs the Vancouver chapter of Dance Dance Party Party and the comedy shows Say Wha?! and Teen Angst Night.

Did we miss any? Post your picks in the comments.