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PodPlays: Powell Street Edition

July 21, 2010

Join us for a FREE sneak peek of PodPlays – a Neworld Theatre series that begins at the Powell Street Festival this summer and will continue at the 2011 PuSh Festival!
The Oppenheimer Incident
July 31 and Aug 1

Oppenheimer Park

(Powell Street, between Dunlevy Avenue and Jackson Avenue in East Vancouver) click here to see a map

Written and performed by Tetsuro Shigematsu
Sound design and music composition by Noah Drew
Featuring music by Yota Kobayashi
Direction and dramaturgy by Adrienne Wong and Martin Kinch

Commissioned by the Powell Street Festival
Co-developed and produced with the Playwrights Theatre Centre
With the support of Yvonne Gall, Kathleen Flaherty and CBC Radio
PodPlays is a work conceived by Adrienne Wong (Neworld Theatre) and developed in partnership with Martin Kinch and the Playwrights Theatre Centre. It involves a group of artists with different backgrounds commissioned to create a walkabout audio work. PodPlays is a hybrid of technology and performance, mixing together sound, text and performance. Audience members load PodPlays onto portable media players and step outside where the plays become a soundtrack to life on the streets of Vancouver.
What is a PodPlay?
A PodPlay is a site-specific radio play. Audience members listen to the play while walking a specific route in the city. The plays straddle the internal world of the listener and the external community space. The PodPlays combine narrative, geography, history and music.
How does it work?
This PodPlay will be available for download, with further instructions as of July 30. Check the Neworld Theatre site for more details!
Are there more PodPlays?
Yes! This PodPlay is the first in a series. Neworld and PTC are commissioning an additional quartet of PodPlays that will premiere at the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival in January 2011.
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