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The PuSh Festival would like to welcome Zaira Petruf as the new Outreach Coordinator

July 21, 2010

Zaira has gained valuable arts administration experience over a number of years at Bard on the Beach and at the Vogue Theatre. As a recent graduate of UBC, major in Anthropology, she is happy to have found a creative niche where she can apply her enthusiasm, creativity and her growing obsession with social media as an effective form of reaching out to new audiences.
Zaira has recently returned from a 6-month volunteer trip to South Africa and she was inspired by the strong sense of community that South Africans living in townships and informal settlements have as a way of life, a feeling that she thought was lacking in Vancouver. She is happy to have found in PuSh a place that reflects this notion as the festival aims to present works that push boundaries and that at the same time create bridges between established and underrepresented communities within Vancouver and around the world. She thinks that the processes of watching the shows, thinking about them and discussing them help us reflect on human experiences and help us realize that we are more connected than we think.
Welcome Zaira!


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