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PuSh at 10: Thoughts from Dani Fecko

December 23, 2013

Leading up to our 10th Anniversary Festival, PuSh has asked those near and dear to provide a little insight into their PuSh experience and what the Festival has meant to them. It’s moment to reflect on where we came from and how far we’ve come in 10 years.

Here is Dani Fecko, former PuSh Festival Associate Curator (2010-2013), with her thoughts.

The Show Must Go On (2010)

1. In 10 words or less, where you are right now (open to interpretation)?

The Boca del Lupo office at Progress Lab 1422, Vancouver

2. Who were you 10 years ago, and how were you “crossing the line” (open to interpretation)?

Ten years ago I was a teenager in her final year of high school. I suppose that’s crossing a line of sorts.

3. How were you first PuShed by the Festival? What do you remember about that moment that stood out for you?

I was first PuShed when I left a meeting with Norman Armour (PuSh Artistic and Executive Director) and said to myself, out loud, in front of The Book Warehouse on Broadway, “Did I just get a job?” It was not what I expected and at the time was not in the plans of my regularly regimented, programmed life. I knew that it was too huge an opportunity. I could never have imagined how much it would change my life and how many doors it would open for me.

4. What is your favourite PuSh memory?

Sitting in the Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theatre at SFU Woodward’s for the dress rehearsal of The Show Must Go On in 2010. I was sitting house right about two-thirds of the way back, on the aisle. I was either sitting next to Norman or DK (PuSh Production Manager), that part I don’t remember. It was the first time there was an audience in that brand new theatre, and was the first of a number of community engaged shows I worked on. My nerves and anxiety were through the roof. It was beautiful.

5. Why do you “cross the line” with PuSh?

Because I’m always surprised by what I find. Because I’ve gained the most inspiring friends and colleagues there. And because there ain’t no party like a PuSh karaoke party.

6. Any additional notes, or 10th anniversary/birthday wishes?

Happiest of 10th birthdays, PuSh. What a beautiful, vital piece of culture whose effects are felt the world over. I can’t wait to celebrate many more birthdays to come.