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PuSh at 10: Thoughts From Ellie O’Day

March 06, 2014

Leading up to our 10th Anniversary Festival, PuSh asked those near and dear to provide a little insight into their PuSh experience and what the Festival has meant to them. It’s a moment to reflect on where we came from and how far we’ve come in 10 years.

Here is Ellie O’Day, PuSh Festival’s Mainstage publicist, with her thoughts.

Headshot of Ellie O'Day

1. In 10 words or less, describe where you are right now (open to interpretation):

Time to contact all PuSh artists for availabilities for interviews.

2. Who were you 10 years ago, and how were you “crossing the line”? 

I crossed over from being a music publicist to most of my work being in the Vancouver indie theatre community, which was reminding me of the energy of the music biz in the late 70s. I got my DIY a second time.

3. How were you first PuShed by the Festival? What do you remember about that moment that stood out for you?

From the beginning of the series. To work with Marie Brassard (worked with her two more times since), One Yellow Rabbit (worked with Denise Clarke two times since) and William Yang (we email photos to each other occasionally still, and have photographed each other). How much more different could three shows be in our first PuSh toe-in-the-water?!

4. What is your favourite PuSh memory?

It’s often the most ‘foreign’ to my experience, like the nightmare-like White Cabin from AKHE Group in Russia; or the aggressive In the Solitude of Cotton Fields from Poland; and yet my favourite of all is our own Crime and Punishment – I can remember taking cameras to a TV shoot, not yet in costume, rehearsing in the gym at the Russian Hall where they did the opening number. I was breathless. I could have watched that show every night of the festival if it hadn’t kept selling out. Runner-up is November Theatre’s The Black Rider, which we presented twice, it was so good – and the closest you’ll ever get me to opera.

5. Why do you “cross the line with PuSh”?

From my favourite philosophy exam bonus question: “Why not?” It is that which invigorates me.

Any additional notes / 10th Anniversary wishes:

I thank Norman and all associate curators for crossing the line, again and again.