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PuSh Donors Step Forward With Over $25,000 in Three Weeks

February 06, 2014

PuSh Festival donors at a 2014 Patrons Circle eventThe 10th Anniversary PuSh Festival saw a tremendous swelling of support for PuSh’s mission to engage and enrich Vancouver audiences with adventurous contemporary works in the spirit of innovation and dialogue. Not only was there tremendous buzz, and great media coverage, but PuSh Patrons Circle donors made a huge statement about the value of the Festival.

Before the Festival began, PuSh donor Tom Lightburn stepped forward and offered to match any donations made during the Festival period up to $5,000. In doing this, Tom’s amazing leadership and vision set in motion a kind of tidal wave of fundraising support. After only one week, PuSh donors had already maxed out Tom’s pledge, and so stepped forward another committed PuSh supporter, Anndraya Luui, with another $5,000. When news of this second pledge was announced, a third long-time PuSh lover, Chris Dobrzanski, promised that if we met the second $5,000 target, he’d come forward with an additional $2,500. Chris wasn’t surprised to learn, with five days left in the Festival, that we would take him up on his generous offer!

These three leaders together created the circumstances for over 40 other donors to come forward and collectively contribute $25,241 to the PuSh Festival in a three week period.  All of us at PuSh are so proud to be involved with such a dedicated and passionate group of donors. That this has happened at the 10th Anniversary is no coincidence–PuSh donors understand the essential role they play in laying the foundation for the Festival to persist for many years into the future.

Thank you to each and every contributor, all those who gave over the course of this Festival and all those who have ever given to PuSh. Together, we continue to step forward and assert the importance that the performing arts play in our city, in our lives and in our hearts. Art does not exist without Patrons.

Patrons Circle members at a special 2014 Festival event

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