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PuSh Profiles- Dani Fecko

November 30, 2012

PuSh Profiles is a new series where you can get to know the names and faces of the people that make this festival so great. 

* Tell us what you do for PuSh in one or two sentences – or a haiku.

Curator, Talkbacks
Young Ambassador Program
A face of the Fest

* How long have you been involved with the PuSh Festival?

This is my 4th festival, I started in June 2009.

* Which PuSh shows/ experiences have stayed with you?

La Marea, El Paseado, Taylor Mac, 100% Vancouver, Soledad Barrio, Amarillo, White Cabin, and Jerk.

* What are you looking forward to at this year’s festival?

A Crack in Everything, Do You See What I Mean?, Sometimes I think, I can see you, Sad Sack, King Lear, Haptic (the Umeda piece), the Assembly.

* Outside of PuSh what do you (like to) do with your time?

Travel, feed the ducks and buy local art for my apartment.

* What does ‘crossing the line’ mean to you?

Testing the limits of my artistic appreciation and hoping the audience will come with me.