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PuSh Profiles – Jocelyn Macdougall

December 14, 2012

PuSh Profiles is a new series where you can get to know the names and faces of the people that make this festival so great.

* Tell us what you do for PuSh in one or two sentences – or a haiku.

Gifts and partnerships
That make the Festival thrive
I love what I do!

* How long have you been involved with the PuSh Festival?

1.5 years – this is my second Festival.

* What is your favourite PuSh memory?

Every time a donor shares with me what PuSh means to them. One highlight is discussing with Dan Mangan why he supports the independent arts in this city, and PuSh in particular.

* Which PuSh shows/ experiences have stayed with you?

Comparison is Violence, Taylor Mac at the Club, 2012. The end of a very long, very difficult few weeks, a beautiful funny moving queer show, followed by wrap party karaoke. What a rad night! Also rocking out to Bend Sinister’s version of Don’t Stop Believin’ at the Club in 2012.

* What are you looking forward to at this year’s festival?

The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart, The God that Comes with Hawksley Workman, the dress rehearsal of Winners and Losers with the PuSh Patrons Circle, Look Mummy I’m Dancing, King Lear, Cedric Andrieux.

* Outside of PuSh what do you (like to) do with your time?

Sing showtunes! Hang out with my amazing wife.

* What does ‘crossing the line’ mean to you?

Not waiting for someone to say “it’s okay,” but going ahead and breaking new ground, experiencing something new, doing/seeing/feeling something you have never done/seen/felt before because you have a curiosity, a passion, an interest, a love.