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Reflections from outgoing Board President Christianne Wilhelmson

October 05, 2016

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.


In looking back on my welcome messages in the PuSh Festival program guides over the last few festivals, I realize that I’m a fan of sayings that encapsulate a feeling or a state. Perhaps that’s what happens when a biologist and an English major inhabit the same body: we need statements of truth—but eloquently said!

The saying above feels right as a representation of my experience as I look back on the more than two years as president of the PuSh Festival board of directors—so much change has happened, but what PuSh is as a festival and as a leader in the city’s artistic landscape has remained the same: one of a kind. The PuSh Festival remains a purveyor of challenging conversations and experiences, facilitating these at a time when so much in our world is in flux. Our need for PuSh remains strong, and the structure around the festival remains adaptive to that growing need.

Since the beginning of my presidency, PuSh has welcomed a new managing director, moved into a new home with our partners at The Post at 750, and brought on board a significant number of new directors. The changes in leadership and in our place in this city have challenged PuSh—and I’m proud to say, we’ve met the challenge head on. What has impressed me the most of about my fellow directors is that they have remained open to supporting the organization and staff in whatever way it needed during these times of change—and the result is an organization with its eyes wide open to the future. And that future is ever so bright.

At PuSh’s annual general meeting on October 15th, I’ll be handing over the leadership of the board. I am so excited to pass the role onto incoming President Mira Oreck—not only because of her experience and passion, but because she has a vision for PuSh and the board that I have no doubt will make the Festival stronger and more vibrant.

Thanks to everyone for your support these past two years. My hope is that you’ll continue to support the festival—as a ticket buyer and a donor—as the journey continues!

Christianne Wilhelmson, board of directors, PuSh Festival

Christianne Wilhelmson
Outgoing President, Board of Directors