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because i love the diversity (this micro-attitude, we all have it)

Showing on Jan 22-24

Playing at Performance Works

A layered photo of a brown man with black and white squares painted on his body. He is captured dancing in three poses. The foreground shows him gracefully swaying his arms upward. On the left, his upper body is curved towards the sky. On the right, he is looking up his face showing white paint, with his arm raised in a fist.

Rakesh Sukesh (India/Belgium)

A random encounter with a camera on the streets of Tallinn, Estonia made choreographer and dancer Rakesh Sukesh a momentary poster boy for a right wing news channel’s campaign against immigration from Asia and Africa. 

What happens to his body when it is rendered into a viral, racist symbol? How does it affect him, and his relationship to the mostly white, deeply loving artists and students he works with?

In because i love the diversity (this micro-attitude, we all have it), Rakesh tells the story of his own journey through the powerful semi-improvisational, trance-like movement technique that makes him such an in-demand teacher across the world. 

What does it mean to make a performance about this for an art festival, which is part of a scene that has only very recently begun to show interest in his work, precisely because of the kind of racism he encountered in Tallinn?

Gabrielle Martin, PuSh’s Director of Programming, interviewed Rakesh Sukesh on the PuSh Play podcast. Listen to the podcast episode here.

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Artist Bio

Rakesh Sukesh (India/Belgium)

Born in Kerala, India, Rakesh was introduced to yogic principles and practices early on, setting the stage for his transformative journey. Dance unexpectedly entered his life at the age of 15 when he began as a Bollywood dancer in local productions. In 2003, Rakesh joined Attakkalari India, marking a significant shift in his trajectory. In 2014, he became a certified yoga teacher through the esteemed Shivananda Vedanta Centre, a step that deepened his understanding of movement and holistic well-being.

Over the past 14 years, Rakesh has dedicated himself to researching a movement method known as the IntAct-Method. This practical fusion of Kalarippayattu, contemporary movement, and yogic philosophy has gained recognition in reputable institutions worldwide. Rakesh has taken a hands-on approach in creating over thirteen dance pieces, each with its own distinct purpose. Currently, his focus is on developing a solo performance because i love the diversity (this micro attitude, we all have it), scheduled to debut at the PuSh Festival in 2024. In 2020, Rakesh co-founded and assumed a leadership role at Sanskar, a global performing arts platform. This pragmatic initiative aims to foster growth and collaboration, especially in India and abroad.


Performance Works

1218 Cartwright Street, Granville Island, Vancouver


  • January 22: 7:30
  • January 23: 7:30
  • January 24: 7:30

Runtime: 80 min

Post-show talkback: Jan 24

No latecomers

Content Advisory



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Icon signalling a performance with signed interpretation

Jan 23 performance: A registered sign language interpreter will, throughout the performance, stand in different zones. This will enable the Deaf audience to enjoy watching the performance and the interpretation at the same time, and to receive an equal experience of the performance.

Access the visual story for Performance Works on Granville Island here (Google Slides)


Choreography and performance Rakesh Sukesh Aesthetic, dramaturge and choreographic assistant Alessia Luna Wyss Text and dramaturge Marcus Youssef Costume Mat Vooter Text / Dossier Gabriela Jiménez General Production – International Godlive Lawani Executive Production – Belgium Louise Mestrallet (for En Archipel asbl) Coach Florian Vuille

Lighting Andie Lloyd

Co-produced by PuSh Festival, Rakesh Sukesh Co. Residency support L’obrador, Ultima Vez, Tictac art centre, PARTS, Zinnema, Tanz haus Zurich, En archipel-Asbl, The Cultch and Neworld