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Showing on January 14–February 13, 2016

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BOOM, Rick Miller/Kidoons, 2016 PuSh Festival
Photo: Paul Lampert Photography

Kidoons and WYRD Productions (Canada)

Baby Boomers. They lived through McCarthyism, Maoism, the Vietnam War and the struggle of the civil rights movement. They may be your parents. They may be your grandparents. They may even be you, in which case, thanks—you and your generation helped change the world. Writer, director and performer Rick Miller has created a show as a record of those changes. Through music, video and vocal virtuosity, he gives us 25 years of history that we’re still reeling from today.

This is a one-man show bursting at the seams. It’s got personal stories, insightful commentary and killer multimedia. And did we mention the music? From Buddy Holly to The Who, “Blue Moon” to “Eve of Destruction,” Miller channels the soundtrack of history through his own amazing voice. Wise, funny and— yes—explosive, this is a trip down memory lane you won’t soon forget.

Astonishing…BOOM is not simply a superlative theatrical experience, but I’d venture to say that it will change the way we think of historical-docu period plays from now on.

—CBC Radio

[Rick Miller is] one of the 100 most creative people alive today.

—Entertainment Weekly

BOOM, Rick Miller/Kidoons, 2016 PuSh Festival
Photo: David Leclerc

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January 14–February 13
120 minutes (plus intermission)

Monday–Thursday, 7:30PM
Wednesday, 1:30PM
Friday–Saturday, 8:00PM
Saturday, 2:00PM
Sunday, no performance


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Post-show talk
February 2

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VocalEye Described Audio performances: January 26, February 2

Writer, Director & Performer: Rick Miller | Executive Producer: Jeff Lord | Directing Consultant: Ravi Jain | Stage & Production Manager: Olivier Bourque | Projection Designer: David Leclerc | Lighting Designer: Bruno Matte | Composer & Sound Designer: Creighton Doane | Set, Costume & Props Designer: Yannik Larivee Design, Multimedia & Marketing: Logograph | Director of Outreach Marketing: Craig Francis