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Le Temps scellé

Showing on January 27–29, 2016

Playing at Scotiabank Dance Centre

Le Temps scellé, Compagnie Nacera Belaza, 2016 PuSh Festival
Photo: Antonin Pons Braley

Compagnie Nacera Belaza (France)

With this performance from choreographer Nacera Belaza, contemporary dance is that much larger for a work that moves boundaries—but does so more with grace than with force. We begin in darkness, hearing pounding drums and plaintive vocals: half song, half chant. Two bodies move, at first so close to each other that they seem as one. As they separate it looks like a birth in the dark—a new creation. The dancing is liquid, with postures taken and abandoned in a perpetual movement; it’s like a never-ending reincarnation. As the patch of light widens, the two figures move in a bigger space, still coming together only to part.

This is dance at its most dynamic. Belaza, who also performs in the work, creates a new way of movement, one that feels hypnotic— narcotic, even. As the performers stretch their bodies they stretch time, taking us on an adventure of duration. The music and the vocals loop again and again, folding us into the rhythm as the dancers move. The whole piece is like a river that flows inexorably, bending around the rocks in its path. It’s the journey that matters here, and while the performance will end, the movement it expresses is eternal.

Pushing the bodies to their limit, Le Temps scelle finally attains quasi-natural movements of an unheard and hypnotic freedom.


Le Temps scellé, Compagnie Nacera Belaza, 2016 PuSh Festival
Photo: Antonin Pons

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Scotiabank Dance Centre

677 Davie Street, Vancouver


January 27–29
45 minutes (no intermission)




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Post-show talk
January 28

Choreographer: Nacera Belaza | Performers: Nacera Belaza, Dalila Belaza | Light & Sound Conception: Nacera Belaza | Lighting Designer: Christophe Renaud | Sound Editor: Christophe Renaud

Co-produced by SACD/Festival d’Avignon, Biennale de la danse de Lyon, Le forum scène conventionnée de Blanc-Mesnil, Arcadi, Centre chorégraphique national de Nantes, Espace 1789, Halles De Schaerbeek | Supported by Région Ile-de-France, Drac Ile-de-France/Ministère de la culture et de la communication, Centre national de la danse, Ambassade de France en Belgique, Arcadi, Onda