• PuSh Assembly

Occupy! Indie: A Conversation With Ian Ilavsky

Showing on February 7, 2016

Playing at The Post at 750

Ideas & Industry Series

Join us at the PuSh Assembly for an in-depth conversation with Ian Ilavsky, co-founder of Montreal’s Constellation Records (Godspeed You! Black Emperor), about what it means to be “independent” and “indie” in today’s music realm. Are these important terms that define the economics of artistic output, or are they labels that signify outdated values of “cultural authenticity”? What does it mean to be indie in this era, and does it matter? Facilitated by Rob Calder, Secret Study.

Read Ian’s short essay that lays out the fascinating premise of his talk.

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The Post at 750

110-750 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

Startup Studio


February 7



No reservation or Pass booking required.