Paul D. Miller a.k.a. DJ Spooky

The Society of the Spectacle

January 30, 2016

Club PuSh
The Society of the Spectacle (Director: Guy Debord), DJ Spooky, 2016 PuSh Festival

DJ Spooky is a composer and multimedia artist who’s worked with Metallica, Steve Reich and Yoko Ono. Here he is joined by locals Peggy Lee and Mark Ferris to rescore Situationist International founder Guy Debord’s 1973 film critique of hyperconsumerism, made from found footage and collage. With electronic music—a form of modern aural collage—Spooky explores the intersection of art, digital media and the politics of perception. Presented in conjunction with the Vancouver Art Gallery’s upcoming exhibition MashUp: The Birth of Modern Culture.




2321 Main Street, Vancouver


January 30



Please note: This show was previously publicized with guest performer Stefan Smulovitz. Mr. Smulovitz will not be performing in the show. His part will be filled by Mark Ferris.

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