• PuSh Assembly

Keynote Address: Jess Thom

Showing on February 1, 2017

Playing at

Touretteshero, Backstage in Biscuit Land, 2017 PuSh Festival

Industry Series

Writer, performer and artist Jess Thom (Backstage in Biscuit Land) has Tourette syndrome and co-founded Touretteshero as a creative response to her experience of living with the condition. Thom debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and in the guise of her superhero alter ego has performed at such festivals as Glastonbury and Shambala. Thom collaborates with communities to create accessible works that explore wide-ranging experiences. Thom’s keynote addresses the state of inclusion in theatre. Says Thom, “I used to think that changing attitudes was a long drawn-out process. Touretteshero’s taught me that it can often be very quick and it often starts with a single conversation.”

The keynote is preceded by a toast to our colleagues at caravan and their efforts in international dissemination and partnership, as exemplified by the PuSh/caravan collaboration.

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February 1



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This event will be available via live stream by Playwrights Theatre Centre on HowlRound TV, captions courtesy of HowlRound TV.