• PuSh Assembly

Meet-Up: Diversity & Artistic Leadership

Showing on February 4, 2017

Playing at The Post at 750

PuSh Youth Assembly, 2016 PuSh Festival
Photo: Sarah Race

Industry Series

In August 2016, Why Not Theatre hosted ThisGen, a gathering of diverse and dynamic artistic leaders from around the world, working in a range of roles, to discuss these central questions: Why theatre? Whose story? How does it get told? In this session, Ravi Jain (Why Not Theatre, Toronto), Christine Quintana (Delinquent Theatre, Vancouver) and Anita Rochon (The Chop, Vancouver) share their experiences from the inaugural ThisGen, and open the conversation to the Vancouver community and beyond.

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The Post at 750

110-750 Hamilton Street, Vancouver


February 4



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