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Showing on January 20–21, 2018

Playing at Vancouver Lookout

Photo: Oliver Crawford

Andy Field (England)

Here is a work by UK artist Andy Field that bridges generations and offers a look into our city’s future through the people who will inherit it. Participants arrive at a location with a wide city vista. There, they listen to recordings from local children speaking as their older selves. The kids describe the future as they imagine it; they then arrive to talk with their listener in person. The cycle repeats itself, with the speakers casting further into the future each time. In the end, listeners are left alone to gaze and contemplate.

What will happen to Vancouver? What does the future hold for our youth? These questions have taken on a particular urgency in our time of rampant construction and looming environmental crisis. In this game of make-believe, the future is handed to those who will own it, and it lies over our city in the most beautiful form it can take: that of a child’s rich imagination.

Lookout is a warning and a challenge: a little thing that leaves big questions behind… an intimate encounter that manages to take in the entire city.


Photo: Oliver Crawford

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Vancouver Lookout

555 West Hastings St at Harbour Centre


January 20–21
30 minutes, no intermission

11:30AM, 12:15PM, 1:00PM, 2:30PM, 3:15PM, 4:00PM


Not eligible on the PuSh Pass


Very limited capacity. Advance booking is strongly recommended.

CREATOR Andy Field PRODUCER Beckie Darlington COMPOSER, SOUND DESIGNER Tom Parkinson DRAMATURG Sibylle Peters COMMISSIONED BY The Arches, Unicorn Theatre