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Radio Rewrite

Showing on January 19–20, 2018

Playing at Norman Rothstein Theatre

Radio Rewrite - Jonny Greenwood
Photo: Jason Evans,

Turning Point Ensemble (Canada)

On top of being lead guitarist for one of the world’s greatest bands, Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood is an innovative and increasingly in-demand composer for concert and film. This genre-mashing concert has Vancouver’s Turning Point Ensemble paying tribute to his work. Also highlighted is one of last century’s most influential composers: Olivier Messiaen, whom Greenwood revered as a teenager. Both trailblazers are inspired by the ondes Martenot, an early-20th century proto-synthesizer, and its ghostly vibrations lend their music a haunting, delicate quality. Increasing the bounty of riches is contemporary master Steve Reich; the Ensemble plays his homage-variations on Radiohead’s music. Rounding out the evening is a world premiere by Victoria composer Christopher Butterfield.

Mesmerizing, hypnotic and wildly inventive, this is a show that redraws boundaries. Whether you’re a Radiohead fan, a contemporary classical fan or just an adventurous listener, TPE’s musical mélange is a thrilling experience. There are few shows that can boast a variety, a virtuosity, a brilliance like this.

The Turning Point players, under Owen Underhill’s direction, are magnificent.

The Georgia Straight

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Norman Rothstein Theatre

950 West 41 Avenue, Vancouver


January 19–20
100 minutes, plus intermission



Single tickets: $34

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Or call 604.449.6000

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CONDUCTOR Owen Underhill SOLO ONDES MARTENOT Estelle Lemire, Geneviève Grenier SUPPORTED BY Canada Council for the Arts, BC Arts Council, City of Vancouver