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Torrey Pines

Showing on January 20, 2018

Playing at

Torrey Pines
Photo: Clyde Petersen

Clyde Petersen (USA)

Not for the square, the squeamish or the small-minded, this is a hilarious, whip-smart and altogether lovely show for everyone else. Trans filmmaker and musician Clyde Petersen presents his animated film Torrey Pines with a live score by Lori Goldston, Zach Burba, Jacob Jaffe and his own bad self. Featuring dumpster dives, a schizophrenic mother, a cross-country car odyssey and more, it’s a movie memoir like no other—as innovative and idiosyncratic as they come.

Telling the story of his misgendered pre-teen years in SoCal and elsewhere across the States, Petersen uses stop-motion technique to brilliant effect. Coloured-in cutouts depict the landscape of early-90s America, and the director adds wonderfully vivid details: tigers come out of angry mouths, milk jets out of breasts and cigarette smoke rings take on the darkest shade of black. Featuring live sound effects by audio art wizard Susie Kozawa, this is a harrowing but soul-stirring ride.

Torrey Pines
Photo: Clyde Petersen

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January 20
60 minutes, no intermission



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PERFORMERS Zach Burba (drums), Lori Goldston (cello), Jacob Jaffe (guitar), Susie Kozawa (foley/soundscape), Clyde Petersen (bass) FUNDED BY the New England Foundation for the Arts’ National Theater Project, WITH LEAD FUNDING FROM The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation