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Is Capitalism Working for Us?

Showing on Jan 20

Playing at Online

Artist Steve Lambert, with Alejandra Bravo, and Joel Bakan, moderated by CBC Vancouver News host, Anita Bathe.

This January, VPL is proud to partner with the PuSh Festival to host an installation by Steve Lambert called Capitalism Works for Me! True/False. This installation provokes a timely examination of how our society, that is particularly relevant as the pandemic exposes widespread inequities, and while climate emergencies affect communities across the country. To launch this piece, we’re hosting an online conversation that will address important questions like: Are perceptions of capitalism changing? Who does this system benefit or leave behind? And why don’t we hear more (and better) mainstream discussions about whether capitalism is working for us?

Join panelists Steve Lambert, Alejandra Bravo, and Joel Bakan as they explore these questions. Moderated by CBC Vancouver News host, Anita Bathe.

Steve Lambert is an artist and activist known for large scale, public projects that engage new audiences on difficult topics. He is an Assistant Professor at SUNY Purchase and the co-founder and co-director of the Center for Artistic Activism.

Alejandra Bravo is the Director of Leadership and Training at the Broadbent Institute, and has spent 25 years working for progressive social change with grassroots, immigrant, and labour groups. She has worked as a community organizer, political staff, and City Council candidate in Toronto.

Joel Bakan is a renowned legal scholar and professor of law at the University of British Columbia. He is the author of the bestselling books The Corporation and The New Corporation, and co-creator of the award-winning documentaries The Corporation and The New Corporation, based on the books.

Anita Bathe is the host and front-line investigative reporter with CBC Vancouver News’ flagship supper hour program at 6 p.m. In her 10-year journalism career, she has won numerous awards for her in-depth reporting on breaking news stories. —

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Artist Bio

Steve Lambert

Sixteen countries, four continents, over a thousand compatriots: those are the numbers on genial provocateur Steve Lambert. A master of the large-scale art event, he has taken it to the streets with comedy, theatre, visual art, and more—political change is the goal, and public participation is the means. An assistant professor at SUNY Purchase, Lambert is also the co-founder and co-director of the Center for Artistic Activism.




  • January 20: 12 PM

This is an online discussion. Use this Zoom link to access event