Morning Welcome + Keynote Manifesto

Industry Series

Delegates start the day together with refreshments and words of welcome from hosts and dignitaries. Followed by keynote manifesto commissioned by PuSh from a guest artist (TBD).

n. A public written declaration of principles, policies, and objectives.

Artistic manifestos can be a call to arms, a statement of principles, or a line drawn in the sand. They can be a provocation and a challenge to existing tastes and aesthetics, an analysis of landmark productions, a spotlight on seminal points in time or simply a confirmation of emerging trends, values and practices.

The PuSh Festival Industry Series is geared to performing arts industry professionals and practitioners: artists, producers or presenters; emerging, mid-career or established. Industry Series delegates gather together in relaxed settings to share ideas, perspectives and best practices through performances, showcases, discussions and ongoing networking opportunities. Each year, we host over 150 delegates, including visiting Canadian and international presenters, artists and other industry leaders.



February 5
2 Hours

10:30AM – 12:30PM


PuSh Industry Pass or Industry Series Access is required to attend as a delegate.

and Patrons