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Showing on Feb 1-3

Playing at ANNEX

A photo of a woman balancing on two pots. A scarf is draped over her head. She is holding another pot up with stretched arms.

Diana Lopez Soto | Canada/Mexico

NOMADA is a journey of the Creator through three worlds; Sky World, Underworld, and Earth. This journey helps maintain harmony of all the earthly and cosmological elements. It is the physical and spiritual act of renewal, affirmation, and restoration.  

Inspired by personal stories of displacement, rituals of water, cycles of sustainability and the connections of our bodies to land, this performance is a journey rooted in in-depth research and fieldwork. A restorative process and a gateway to connection, the experience honors the stories of Diana Lopez-Soto’s Otomi and Purepecha ancestry, contemporary community, history and relationship to the land and culture of Michoacan, Mexico. 

Combining aerial movement, installation art and projection design with contemporary Mexican Indigenous dance, NOMADA is a deeply textured work that reflects the continuously changing balance of the earth.

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Artist Bio

Diana Lopez Soto (Canada/Mexico)

Diana is an award-winning multidisciplinary Mexican/Canadian artist, mother and land caretaker. She has presented and exhibited her work nationally and internationally in France, Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica, the USA and Canada. She creates, co-creates and performs site-specific work, vertical dance, art installations and experimental film. 

Her interest in sustainable practices informs the direction of her collaborations and offerings. Some of her latest achievements are her participation at the Guapamacataro Art and Ecology residency, the Vancouver International Vertical Dance Summit and the ‘Ritual de las Aguadoras’ with the Tirindikua family from the Barrio de Santo Santiago Michoacan. Diana is the co-creator of Land Embodiment Lab with Coman Poon, an artist associate of Vanguardia Dance Projects and collaborates with Hercinia Arts, Femme du Feu, Look Up Theatre and Victoria Mata.



823 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC


  • February 1: 7:30
  • February 2: 7:30
  • February 3: 2pm

Running time: 70 min + 30 min post show interaction, no intermission

Latecomers will not be admitted.

Post-show talkback: Feb 3

Content Advisory


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Single tickets: $39
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Producer, Creator, Rigging Design, Performance Artist Diana Lopez Soto Dramaturgy and Rehearsal Director Rebecca Carney Composer Edgardo Moreno Pirekua Composer Eandi Cuiriz Ramos Projection Designer Samay Arcentales Cajas Lighting Designer Arun Srinivasan Costume Designer Adriana Fulop Set Designer Andy Moro Knowledge Keeper Leonardo Martin Vargas Carrion First NOMADA Script Alejandro Ronceria Rigging Specialists Rebecca Leonard, Israel Barrera Hernandez Stage Manager Taylor Young

Development supported by the CanDance Network, Dance Works, International Performing Arts Festival PuSh, Canadian Stage, Public Energy Performing Arts, National Arts Centre, Femmes du Feu Creations, Ilaii Artes Escénicas, Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts.