Critical Ideas: On Democracy

Artist Talks

On Democracy features award-winning artist Alex Bulmer and scholar Keren Zaiontz in conversation about Back to Back Theatre’s The Democratic Set.

They will discuss how disabled artists are cripping — and democratizing — the stage through bold enactments that refuse to be peripheral to contemporary performance.

Bulmer and Zaiontz will also ask what these un-apologetic crip performances hold for democracy-at-large. For disabled artists, principles such as freedom of movement and freedom of assembly are not lofty notions, but the stuff of resistance.

Critical Ideas is a partnership between PuSh and SFU’s Institute for Performance Studies. Coordinated by IPS Director Peter Dickinson and PuSh Associate Artistic Director Joyce Rosario, the series brings together artists, critics, scholars, and audiences to discuss formal, social, and ideological issues affecting performance practice and reception today.

Panels are free and open to the public. Now entering its 5th year, the 2020 edition of Critical Ideas has been guest-curated by PuSh Scholars-in-Residence Dylan Robinson and Keren Zaiontz.



January 24
90 minutes

2:30PM – 4PM


Free. No registration required.

and Patrons