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Se prendre

Showing on Jan 29-Feb 4

Playing at Se prendre

Lion Lion (Canada)

The venue for Se prendre is a historic estate. In groups of 12, the audience follows two women from room to room as they come together in gestures of violence, tenderness, and desire—a pas de deux that skirts the edge of emotional safety. The acrobatic movements and anguished expressions speak volumes—albeit in a strange, beguiling language.

Erotically suggestive, athletically impressive, and dramatically tense, this performance is in some ways ineffable; at the same time, it gestures towards feelings and notions that are troublingly familiar. Se prendre is a psychodrama that plays out in physical terms; in the duo’s leaps, contortions, and embraces lie unnameable feelings, uncountable ideas. What the artists offer is something rare and generous: an invitation to listen with one’s eyes, and to experience movement as meaning. 

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Artist Bio


Founded in 2019 at the initiative of Claudel Doucet, LION LION operates from a mandate to promote emerging acrobatic and interdisciplinary dramaturgical approaches. Se prendre is the group’s debut production, and it has toured Norway, France, Spain, the Czech Republic, and various venues across Canada. 


Se prendre

The venue is a private lakefront estate in Burnaby. The location will be given out to ticketholders.

Information about accessibility available upon request by emailing access@pushfestival.ca.


  • January 29 at 7:00
  • January 30 at 7:00
  • January 31 at 6:00, 8:00
  • February 2 at 6:00, 8:00
  • February 3 at 6:00, 8:00
  • February 4 at 6:00, 8:00

Content Advisory

There is physical and emotional intensity, and the use of a smoke machine in an enclosed space.


Single Tickets: $34

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To enter the house there is a long staircase and there may be more stairs to take during the performance.

This show is in a relaxed environment but does contain very intense moments and experiences, please consult the visual story (available in December) to see if this show is right for you.

Visual show with minimal dialogue, introduction available (in December) with more information.

The creators of the show are happy to discuss any way in which they can support a patron’s experience, such a place to sit in every room etc. please feel free to reach out by emailing access@pushfestival.ca.


Performance Claudel Doucet and Mira Leonard Co-creation  Cooper Lee Smith and Claudel Doucet Dramaturgy Félix-Antoine Boutin, Set design Étienne René-Contant Sound design Cooper Lee Smith Co-production La Cie du Poivre Rose