• Cancelled

The Café

Showing on Jan 25-Feb 5

Playing at Kafka’s Coffee

ITSAZOO Productions and Aphotic Theatre (Canada)

Unfortunately, due to the impacts of COVID-19, the presentation of The Café has been cancelled. If you have purchased tickets, please contact our Patron Services Team to exchange or refund your tickets.

Shortening the gap between audience and performance, this collection of plays is an invitation to eavesdrop, to observe, to indulge your inner voyeur. Audiences sit in a cozy coffee shop while a series of dramas plays out at various tables. A married couple works through racial tension in their relationship, a young journalist has her notions of “queerness” challenged by a Polish expat, an Indigenous woman counsels her autistic brother—these scenarios and more unfold before your guiltlessly watchful eyes. The stories are interconnected—sometimes subtly, sometimes overtly—and each one is repeated up to three times. 

This intricately orchestrated affair has the semblance of real life: café staff sell food and beverages, and audiences are free to wander from table to table, play to play. The artists work carefully to evoke a familiar phenomenon: that tantalizing feeling of having overheard something fascinating in public. From those provocative snatches of speech that we catch in bars, on buses, in cafés, nine different playwrights have conjured life stories; watching them unfold at this proximity is a delight.

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Artist Bio


ITSAZOO Productions creates immersive, innovative theatre events; its aim is to bring audiences into fully realized worlds, and its core values are community and intimacy. Aphotic Theatre Society is dedicated to producing new plays by non-binary, queer, racialized, trans, and woman writers. Its mission is to decolonize and de-tokenize diversity. 


Kafka’s Coffee

120-577 Great Northern Way Vancouver, BC V5T 1E1


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, this show has been cancelled.


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This show is Extra Live, every performance is a Relaxed Performance, visual story below

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Low Vision Friendly, sighted guide is recommended, introduction available

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The venue includes a space only reachable by stairs, scenes will be rotated so anyone can enjoy all scenes without going up the stairs

Sighted guides: If you bring a sighted guide, you can request a complimentary companion ticket, volunteer sighted guides are also available upon request by emailing access@pushfestival.ca

The visual story will be available in January. You will be able to download it right here.


PRODUCERS: ITSAZOO Productions & Aphotic Theatre DIRECTORS: Fay Nass & Chelsea Haberlin DRAMATURGES: Sebastien Archibald & Fay Nass PLAYWRIGHTS: Amy Lee Lavoie, Omari Newton, Fay Nass, Diana Garcia, Sebastien Archibald, Anais West, Kelsey Kanatan Wavey, Manami Hara, Derek Chan STAGE MANAGMENT: Heather Barr COSTUME DESIGN: Melicia Zaini PERFORMERS: Joey Lesperance, Mike Gill, Alexandra Lainfiesta, Jaqueline Korb, Genevieve Fleming, Yumi Ogawa, Raes Calvert, Chelsea Rose, Melissa Oei, Khattie Q, Meghan Hemingway, Andrew Creightney, Julia Siedlanowsaka, Claire Love Wilson.