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Sponsor Spotlight—Kronenbourg 1664

January 28, 2014

Kronenbourg 1664 at Club PuSh

Kronenbourg 1664 logoThe PuSh Festival is proud to be celebrating its third year of partnership with Kronenbourg 1664 at Club PuSh 2014. We love Kronenbourg 1664 because of how well it fits with the Club vibe. For those of you who have attended Club PuSh in the past, you’ll agree that it has a laid-back sophistication that comes from the high-quality performances combined with a relaxed cabaret-style setup.

Similarly, Kronenbourg uses only the highest quality ingredients and techniques, but produces an unpretentious, easy-drinking beer that can be enjoyed anywhere. It invites you to celebrate the French art of pleasure.

We are all looking for a more balanced and rewarding existence. We would like to move away from a life dominated by excess and towards one of new values, shared pleasures and quality time shared with friends.

Likewise, Kronenbourg 1664 prefers quality to quantity. They believe that everyone deserves the small daily pleasures in order to relax and enjoy the simple things of life. Kronenbourg 1664 is proud to defend the French lifestyle, where sincere relationships, and genuine top quality products are more important than anything else.

Pleasure is a way of living. Pleasure to Kronenbougr 1664 means carefully making a sophisticated product to be drunk with seriousness. That’s what they call the “art of enjoyment.”

Kronenbourg 1664’s “art of enjoyment” is spontaneous and effortless. Like PuSh, Kronenbourg wants to put a bit of the magic back into daily life.