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Terra Breads and PuSh

November 26, 2012

Terra Breads President Michael Lansky explains why the Terra-PuSh partnership is such a good fit


What attracted you to supporting Do You See What I Mean?

At Terra Breads, we’re always exploring and challenging conventions, by experimenting with new flavours and inviting people to look at food in a different way. We always invite our customers to explore taste with us, and discover how food is meant to be eaten and enjoyed.
I think that’s why we like Do You See What I Mean so much – it’s a performance that calls on people to open themselves up to new experiences, and use their senses like never before. By relying on perhaps lesser-used senses such as hearing, touch and smell instead of sight, Do You See What I Mean invites participants to take the opportunity to discover and fall in love with Vancouver all over again. The unique dynamic of the relationship between participant and guide will also provide participants with some really interesting opportunities to connect, share and learn from each other.
Why is supporting the arts in Vancouver so important to Terra Breads?
For Terra Breads, “artisan” is the place where food and story meet. We combine tradition, the best ingredients and creative inspiration to create fresh food that is truly extraordinary. The result is fresh breads, pastries and baked goods with unique Terra Breads flavours that reflect our West Coast community and way of life.
Terra Breads has called Vancouver home for nearly 20 years, and we’ve always felt a strong connection to our community. We still passionately support local food projects, along with education around local food security and sustainable farming, but were looking for a chance to express our values and passion for community in new and different ways.
With the PuSh Festival, we see an incredible opportunity to explore giving back to our city in new ways that reflect our values as a company, and that’s why we’re so very proud to be working with the festival in 2013. Our support of Do You See What I Mean enables us to make a deeper connection to creativity, collaboration and community at every level, and to help share the benefits and enriching experiences that art allows.
Terra Breads has four locations throughout Vancouver. For more information please visit www.terrabreads.com