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Thank You for Stepping Forward!

May 08, 2014

Patrons Circle donors enjoying exclusive behind-the-scenes artist chat as a benefit at the 2014 Festival.

PuSh donors have done it again! Patrons Circle donors have generously stepped forward to give more than $21,000 for our 2014 Spring Campaign! We are deeply grateful to all our dedicated and committed donors who fuel the best in the contemporary performing arts on Vancouver stages each January.

Not only was every dollar of the $10,000 matching challenge met, PuSh supporters went above and beyond to surpass that $10,000 goal. This means PuSh supporters helped us achieve our most successful Spring Campaign in our 10-year history.

These funds will go a long way to supporting the groundbreaking and genre-bending performances that PuSh brings to Vancouver every winter. Charitable donations support programming and artists, as well as initiatives like the PuSh Youth Program, engaging young people 16- to 24-years old in a lifelong appreciation of performing arts.

Our amazing donors make all of this possible!

If you didn’t give during the Spring Campaign, it’s not too late – we accept donations throughout the year. You can join the Patrons Circle by making a gift today!


PuSh would like to sincerely thank and recognize the following individuals for stepping forward during the Spring Campaign and committing to the future of PuSh and exhilarating performing arts in Vancouver.

Thank you for stepping forward with $10,000 in matching pledges:

Evan & Ingrid Alderson, Roberta Beiser, Deena Chochinov & Eric Posen, Mo Dhaliwal, Peter Dickinson & Richard Cavell, Robert Gardner, Cheryl Geisler & Mark Stein, Sandra Garossino, Ken Manning, Alice Niwinksi, Leslie Nolin, Rodger So, and Jennifer Stanley & Thom Weeks

Thank you for stepping forward and answering the call with over $11,000 in donations:

Anonymous (2), Patty Burn, Geoffrey Deacon*, Andrea Fecko, Alex Ferguson, Jane Flick, Marianne Gibson, Prem Gill*, Eugene Gorodetsky, Kenneth Owen Gracie, Laurie Guy-Sharp, Peter Herrndorf, Bill Houghton, Christopher Hunt, Tamara Hurtado, Vivian Kan*, Stacey Kaser, Alison Kelly, DD Kugler, Art Kumagai, Andrew Laurenson, Jo Ledingham, Milton Lim*, Gloria Loree, Paula Martin, Elsie Mcdorman, Brenda McNicol, Paul Mendoza, Kevin Mooney, Kirsty Munro, Ellie O’Day, Anne Olsen*, Rod Pearce*, Brenda Peterson, Andrew Petter & Maureen Maloney, Susan Pond, Brian Quirt, Shaundehl Runka, Marcia Sauder, Neil Scott, Rupal Shah, Jennifer Stanley & Thom Weeks, Peter & Rosa Stenberg, Paul Tanguay, Vera Tatko, Burke Taylor*, Andrea Verwey*, Paul Whitney, Carol Williams, Kathryn Woodward, Maiko Bae Yamamoto & Kevin MacDuff

*An extra special thank you to these donors who became monthly donors during this campaign, making an ongoing commitment to PuSh.