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The Magic of Bullet Catch – A Curatorial Statement by Joyce Rosario

January 18, 2015

I first saw Bullet Catch at The Traverse in Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2012. I was so blown over by the show that I wished I was a theatre presenter with a budget to be able to bring it to Vancouver. Two years later, that’s exactly the position I found myself in– Associate Curator for the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival brainstorming ideas for work to co-present with The Arts Club. Fate? Magic…?

Rob Drummond, the creator and performer of Bullet Catch, cleverly incorporates magic and volunteer participation into this work. Contemplating themes of human nature, fate vs. free will, and magic (of the trickery variety and that of live performance), it’s brilliant and just the beginning of the thrills ahead.

Bullet Catch, horizontal, Rob Drummond, 2015 PuSh Festival
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Part of a younger generation of theatre makers coming out of Glasgow, Scotland, Rob Drummond has a unique and daring vision. More than just seeing the work itself (which Drummond hints at will be his last as performer), I’m hoping that emerging theatre artists here in Vancouver will be inspired by Rob and take the opportunity to connect with him while he’s in town. Rob will be part of the PuSh Assembly Breakfast Series on February 7 – a great and free opportunity for many local artists!

Bullet Catch is a mysterious show best seen without spoilers. If you can avoid gossip and other people who’ve seen the show talk about it, do it! See it for yourself!

Joyce Rosario
Associate Curator

Bite the bullet at The Arts Club Theatre Company, January 15–February 7. Book your tickets to Bullet Catch on your PuSh Pass or buy single tickets online.