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Time Machine – A Curatorial Statement by The Dance Centre’s Mirna Zagar

January 28, 2015

MACHiNENOiSY, Time Machine, 2015 PuSh Festival
Photo: Chris Randle

Extraordinary, imaginative, innovative, sensual, rule-breaking and always with a dose of humour – is what I would use to describe the unique world of Machinenoisy and author of Time Machine, Delia Brett. In Time Machine, Delia who has been with Machinenoisy since 2005 (the company was founded by Daelik, a Vancouver dance icon a few years before), once again presents herself as an imaginative author of unique sensibility which is equally theatrical as it is conceptual and sensual. Time Machine was proposed to The Dance Centre’s Artist-in-residence program a year ago, and we are pleased to see it come alive within the Push Festival for its world premiere.

The Residency Program in this regard brings visibility while becoming a more tangible experience for the artists who are in it. This is our second collaboration with Machinenoisy through this program, having worked earlier with its founder Daelik.

The idea of working with children and applying their innate awareness of the world with that of adults’ acquired knowledge, works to bridge physical theatre and explores the issue of aging bodies and time. Both Delia and Daelik are unique authors within Vancouver’s dance scene, somewhat rule-breakers, one could say, as they courageously explore methods and ideas close to what we, the audience, experience in our daily lives – be they intimate or political.

MACHiNENOiSY, Time Machine, 2015 PuSh Festival
Photo: Chris Randle

I am confident that this work will resonate with PuSh Festival audiences. The concept of aging bodies is something we can all, regardless of our age, identify. Furthermore, audience members will be able to rediscover their own child within through the eyes of the child dancers. Something to think about, take away, and remember throughout our lives: remember your past and consider the future, and to whom we are leaving this world.

Time is not always on your side.

I look forward to this performance, as always, with Machinenoisy. I know that the adults and children collaborated to ensure an open space for us all to experience a new unique world.

Mirna Zaga
Executive Director
The Dance Center

Join us for Time Machine at The Dance Centre February 4–7, 2015. Book tickets to Time Machine on your PuSh Pass, Youth Passport or as single tickets online.